lunes, septiembre 02, 2013

Congreso UEIL 2013 Bruselas

Congreso UEIL 2013 Bruselas, Congreso Anual de la Industria Europea de Lubricantes, Annual Congress of the European Lubricants, se celebrará los días 23 al 25 de octubre de 2013.

Resumen del Programa del Congreso
  • UKLA's Verification of Lubricant Specification (VLS)
  • State of the Industry: Global Overview of the Lubricants Market  
  • EU Taxation Policies on Lubricants
  • REACH Review and the impact of REACH on SMEs
  •  New Formulations of Sunflower-based Biolubricants With High Oleic Acid Content
  • Used Lubrication Oil: Managing Environmental Impacts of Inappropriate